Andy's 'thank you' to the 500+ councillors supporting him

Here's a message from Andy to the 500+ Councillors who are supporting him to be the next Labour Leader:

Dear Councillors,

I’d like to thank the 500+ councillors who have today backed me to be the next Leader of the Labour Party.

For too long, Westminster politicians have had a corrosive distrust of local government. I want to change that.

From greater borrowing powers to build the homes your communities need to rebuilding the link between local councils and our schools network, I want to make sure that a future Labour Government allows councillors to provide local answers to local issues.

I’m thrilled that so many of our brilliant local Labour councillors agree that I’m the candidate who can get Labour back on track, unite our movement and take us into Government in 2020. I will make sure you won’t regret it.

Coming out of this contest, we must unite and focus on beating the real opposition - the Tories - in council elections next year, and then in Parliamentary elections in 2020. We can’t fall back into the fractured in-fighting of the early 1980s.

So I’ll offer bold and credible policy ideas that our activists can take to the doorsteps over the next five years. And with your help, I’ll make sure we win back that emotional connection that we’ve lost from voters up and down the country.

Thank you.



The 500+ Councillors who have come out in support of Andy already are:

Angela Taylor - Aberdeen City Council
Willie Young - Aberdeen City Council
Mark Bateman - Aylesbury Town Council
Darren Rodwell - Leader Barking & Dagenham Council
Kath McGuirk - Barnet Council
Jim Andrews - Deputy Leader Barnsley Council
Sir Steve Houghton - Leader Barnsley Council
Sharon Howard - Barnsley Council
Tim Shepherd - Barnsley Council
Jennifer Worton - Barnsley Council
Alan Bennett - Basildon Council
Adele Brown - Basildon Council
Gavin Callaghan - Labour Group Leader Basildon Council
Aidan McGurran - Basildon Council
Jack Cousens - Basingstoke Council
John Bull - Bath and North East Somerset Council
Liz Hardman - Bath and North East Somerset Council
Eleanor Jackson - Bath and North East Somerset Council
Carl Meader - Deputy Labour Group Leader Bedford Borough Council
Luigi Reale - Bedford Borough Council
Mohammad Yasin - Bedford Borough Council
Joe Ferreira - Bexley Council
Gill MacDonald - Bexley Council
Daniel Francis - Bexley Council
Nawaz Ali - Birmingham City Council
Brett O'Reilly - Birmingham City Council
Habib Rehman - Birmingham City Council
Shabbir Aslam - Deputy Labour Group Leader Blaby District Council
Samantha Maxwell - Labour Group Leader Blaby District Council
Hussain Akhtar - Blackburn with Darwen Council
Parwaiz Akhtar  - Blackburn with Darwen Council
Anthony Humphries - Blackburn with Darwen Council
Shaukat Hussain - Blackburn with Darwen Council
Frayad Hussain  - Blackburn with Darwen Council
Iftakhar Hussain  - Blackburn with Darwen Council
Zamir Khan - Blackburn with Darwen Council
John Roberts  - Blackburn with Darwen Council
Dave Smith  - Blackburn with Darwen Council
Jan Varmani  - Blackburn with Darwen Council
John Wright - Blackburn with Darwen Council
Luke Taylor - Blackpool Council
Dr Ebrahim Adida - Bolton Council
Mohammed Ayub - Bolton Council
Carol Burrows - Bolton Council
Lynda Byrne - Bolton Council
David Chadwick - Cabinet member Bolton Council
Mike Francis - Bolton Council
Jean Giles - Bolton Council
Susan Hayworth - Bolton Council
Cliff Morris - Leader Bolton Council
Linda Thomas - Deputy Leader Bolton Council
Nick Peel - Cabinet member Bolton Council
Richard Silvester - Bolton Council
Michelle Swallow - Bradford Council
David Warburton - Bradford Council
Sam Fox-Kennedy - Braunstone Town Council
Paul Kennedy - Braunstone Town Council
Stuart Maxwell - Braunstone Town Council
Amanda Hack - Deputy Leader Braunstone Town Council 
Harry Clarke - Breckland Council
Muhammed Butt - Leader Brent Council
Krupesh Hirani - Brent Council
James Allie - Brent Council
Julie Morrissey - Brentwood Council
Michael Inkpin-Leissner - Brighton & Hove Council
Barry Clark - Bristol City Council
Eileen Means - Bristol City Council
Bill Payne - Bristol City Council
Ron Stone - Bristol City Council
Jean Summers - Caerphilly Council
Angie Gallagher - Calderdale Council
Adam Wilkinson - Calderdale Council
George Owers - Cambridge City Council
Peter Roberts - Cambridge City Council
Ashley Walsh - Labour Group Leader Cambridgeshire County Council
Oliver Lewis - Camden Council
Colin Glover - Leader Carlisle City Council
Lee Sherriff - Carlisle City Council
Calum Higgins - Carmarthenshire Council
Stephen Burns - Cheshire West & Chester Council
Lynn Clare - Cheshire West & Chester Council
Tony Lawrenson - Cheshire West & Chester Council
Karen Shore - Cheshire West & Chester Council
Irene Faseyi - Cheshire East & Chester Council
John Burrows - Leader Chesterfield Borough Council
Terry Gilby - Deputy Leader Chesterfield Borough Council
Kate Caulfield - Chesterfield Borough Council
Stephen Hitchin - Chesterfield Borough Council
Ken Huckle - Cabinet member Chesterfield Borough Council
Matthew Lynch - Chorley Council
Paul Walmsley - Chorley Council
Gordon France - Chorley Council
Lloyd Wilce - Cinderford Town Council
Lena Hogg - Copeland Borough Council
Mark Holliday - Copeland Borough Council
Bob Kelly - Copeland Borough Council
Bill Kirkbride - Copeland Borough Council
Eileen Weir - Copeland Borough Council
Tom Beattie - Leader Corby Borough Council
Paul Beattie      - Corby Borough Council
Judy Caine - Corby Borough Council
Colleen Cassidy - Corby Borough Council
Lawrence Ferguson - Corby Borough Council
Lucy Goult - Corby Borough Council
Matt Keane - Corby Borough Council
William Latta - Corby Borough Council
Mohammed Rahman - Corby Borough Council
Julie Riley          - Corby Borough Council
Dorothy Kirk - Cornwall Council
Malcolm Moyle - Cornwall Council
Cornelius Olivier - Cornwall Council
Jayne Innes - Coventry City Council
Richard Brown - Cabinet Member Coventry Council
Ed Ruane - Cabinet Member Coventry City Council 
Philip Townshend - Coventry City Council 
Bally Singh - - Coventry City Council 
Michael Jones - Crawley Borough Council
Peter Lamb - Leader Crawley Borough Council
Kevin Hickson - Deputy Leader Crewe Town Council
Simon Yates - Leader Crewe Town Council
Sherwan Chowdhury - Croydon Council
Maggie Mansell - Croydon Council
Alan Clark - Cumbria County Council
Mike Hawkins - Cumbria County Council
Bill McEwan - Cumbria County Council
Keith Little - Cumbria County Council
David Southward MBE - Cabinet member Cumbria County Council
Christine Wharrier - Cumbria County Council
Daisy Page - Deputy Labour Group Leader Dartford Borough Council
Joan Butterfield - Labour Group Leader Denbighshire Council
Paul Bayliss - Derby City Council
Barbara Jackson - Derby City Council
Martin Rawson - Deputy Leader Derby City Council
Martin Repton - Derby City Council
Linda Winter - Derby City Council
Paul Pegg - Derby City Council
Mark Tittley - Derby City Council
Joanna West - Derby City Council
Dave Wilcox - Chair of Derbyshire County Labour Group
Irene Ratcliffe - Derbyshire County Council
Jim Coyle - Derbyshire County Council
Ellie Wilcox - Derbyshire County Council
George Derx - Doncaster Council
Susan McGuinness - Doncaster Council
Peter Lowe - Leader Dudley Council
John Martin - Dudley Council
Dave Tyler - Dudley Council
Graeme Tait - Dunfries & Galloway Council
Joy Allan - Cabinet member Durham County Council
Geraldine Blendale - Durham County Council
Anne Bonner - Durham County Council
Jean Chaplow - Durham County Council
Katie Corrigan - Durham County Council
Bob Glass - Durham County Council
June Lee - Durham County Council
Mac Williams - Chief Whip Durham County Council
Robert Yorke - Durham County Council
Abdullah Gulaid - Ealing Council
Aysha Raza - Ealing Council
Hitesh Tailor - Cabinet Member Ealing Council
Christine Branscombe - East Dumbartonshire Council
Stewart MacDonald - East Dumbartonshire Council
Gemma Welsh - East Dumbartonshire Council
Abdul Abdullahi  - Enfield Council
Bambos Charalambous - Enfield Council
Christiana During - Enfield Council
Christine Hamilton - Enfield Council
Bernie Lappage  - Enfield Council
Mary Maguire - Enfield Council
Ayfer Orhan  - Enfield Council
Ahmet Oykener - Enfield Council
Claire Stewart - Chief Whip Enfield Council
Doug Taylor - Leader Enfield Council
Ozzie Uzoanya - Enfield Council
Leah Hosker - Erewsh Borough Council
Ivan Henderson - Deputy Labour Group Leader Essex County Council
Stephen Brimble - Exeter Council
Rob Crew - Exeter Council
Olwen Foggin - Exeter Council
Billy Pollock - Fife Council
Alex Aldridge - Flintshire Council
Tim Gwilliam - Forest of Dean District Borough Council
Bruce Hogan - Forest of Dean District Borough Council
Di Martin - Labour Group Leader Forest of Dean District Borough Council
Marilyn Charlton - Gateshead Council
Paul Foy - Gateshead Council
Martin Gannon - Deputy Leader Gateshead Council
Gary Haley - Gateshead Council
Lee Holmes - Gateshead Council
Michael McNestry - Gateshead Council
Liz Twist - Gateshead Council
Yvonne Küçük - Glasgow Council
Kate Haigh - Labour Group Leader Gloucester City Council
Said Hansdot - Gloucester City Council
Terry Pullen - Gloucester City Council
Lesley Williams - Labour Group Leader Gloucestershire County Council
Bernard Williamson - Great Yarmouth Borough council
Trevor Wainwright - Great Yarmouth Council
Colleen Walker - Great Yarmouth Council
Gary Puffett - Grrenham Town Council
Guy Nicholson - Cabinet Member Hackney Council
Usman Ahmed  - Hadley and Leegomery Parish Council
Mike Wharton - Halton Council
Dave Thompson - Halton Council
Mike Fry - Halton Council
John Gerrard - Halton Council
Phil Harris - Halton Council
Rob Polhill - Leader Halton Council
John Stockton - Halton Council
Andrea Wall - Halton Council
Kevan Wainwright - Halton Council
Bill Woolfall - Halton Council
Tony Durcan - Cabinet member Harlow Borough Council
Dave McCleod - Harwich Town Council
Pam Morrison - Harwich Town Council
Charlie Powell - Harwich Town Council
Alan Todd - Harwich Town Council
Richard Street - Hastings Council
Anthony McKeown - Labour Group Leader High Peak Borough Council
Mohammad Kursheed - Labour Group Leader Hillingdon Council
Craig Jones - Horninglow and Eton Parish Council
Elizabeth Hughes - Hounslow Council
Alan Mitchell - Hounslow Council
Alan Clarke - Hull Council
Sean Chayton - Hull Council
Martin Brennan - Inverclyde Council
Terry Loughran - Inverclyde Council
Stephen McCabe - Leader Inverclyde Council
Paul Convery - Islington Council
Richard Watts - Leader Islington Council
Flora Williamson - Islington Council
Eileen Rowbotham - Kent County Council
Gillian Flatley - Knowsley Council
Alan Flute - Knowsley Council
Terry Garland - Knowsley Council
Ray Halpin - Knowsley Council
Andy Moorhead - Leader Knowsley Council
Terry Alridge - Lancashire County Council
Darren Clifford - Lancashire County Council
John Fillis - Cabinet Member Lancashire County Council
Yousuf Motala - Lancashire County Council
Brendan Hughes - Lancaster City Council
David Whitaker - Lancaster City Council
David Congreve - Leeds Council
Mick Coulson - Leeds Council
Debra Coupar - Leeds Council
Pauline Grahame - Leeds Council
Ron Grahame - Leeds Council
Kim Groves - Leeds Council
Sharon Hamilton - Cabinet member Leeds Council
Gerry Harper - Leeds Council
Maureen Ingham - Leeds Council
Mohammed Iqbal - Leeds Council
Asghar Khan - Leeds Council
Alison Lowe - Leeds Council
Mick Lyons - Leeds Council
Andrea McKenna - Leeds Council
James McKenna - Leeds Council
Stuart McKenna - Leeds Council
Eileen Taylor - Leeds Council
Christine Towler - Leeds Council
Janette Walker - Leeds Council
Sir Peter Soulsby - Mayor Leicester City Council
Elaine Halford - Leicester City Council
Heather Worman - Leicestershire County Council
Jo Fox - Leicestershire County Council
Gary Hewson - Lincoln City Council
Gill Clayton-Hewson - Lincoln City Council
Liam Curran - Lewisham Council
Rosanne Kirk - Lincoln City Council
Chris Burke - Lincoln City Council
Karen Lee - Lincoln City Council
Howard Linsley - Liss Parish Council
Eric Ditchwater - Litchfield District Council
Joe Anderson - Mayor Liverpool City Council
Debbie Caine - Liverpool City Council
Sharon Connor - Liverpool City Council
Brian Dowling - Liverpool City Council
Adele Dowling - Liverpool City Council
Roz Gladden - Liverpool City Council
Roy Gladden - Liverpool City Council
Dave Hanratty - Liverpool City Council
Lynnie Hinnigan - Liverpool City Council
Frank Hont - Liverpool City Council
Daniel Hughes - Liverpool City Council
Frank Prendergast - Liverpool City Council
Liam Robinson - Liverpool City Council
Aslam Khan - Luton Council
Matt Sharrocks - Macclesfield Council
Yasmine Dar - Manchester City Council
John Farrell - Manchester City Council
Naeem Ul  Hassan - Manchester City Council
Thomas Judge - Manchester City Council
Ollie Manco - Manchester City Council
Eddie Newman - Manchester City Council
Brian O'Neil - Manchester City Council
Nilofar Siddiqi - Manchester City Council
Chris Webb - Manchester City Council
Teresa Murray - Deputy Labour Group Leader Medway Council
David Davies - Merthyr Tydfil Council
Ian Munn - Merton Council
June Goodchild MBE - Middlesbrough Council
Geraldine Purvis - Middlesbrough Council
Peter Purvis - Middlesbrough Council
Teresa Higgins - Middlesbrough Council
Pete Marland - Leader Milton Keynes Council
Hannah O'Neill - Deupty Leader Milton Keynes Council
Peter Farley - Monmouthshire Council
Kevin Williams - Monmouthshire Council
Paula Bebell - Neath Port Talbot Council
Alan Carter - Neath Port Talbot Council
James Evans - Neath Port Talbot Council
Andrew Jenkins - Neath Port Talbot Council
Edward Latham - Neath Port Talbot Council
Glyn Rawlings - Neath Port Talbot Council
Peter Richards - Neath Port Talbot Council
John Rogers - Neath Port Talbot Council
Caroline Hexter - New Milton Parish Council
Simon Bird - Newcastle City Council
George Pattison - Newcastle City Council
Sharon Pattison - Newcastle City Council
Hazel Stephenson - Cabinet member Newcastle City Council
John Gray - Newham Council
Omar Ali - Newport City Council
Mark Whitcutt - Newport City Council
Cliff Suller - Newport City COuncil
Mick Castle - Norfolk County Council
Colleen Walker - Norfolk County Council
Peter Wheatley - North East Lincolnshire Council
Frank McNally - North Lanarkshire Council
James Smith - Deputy Leader North Lanarkshire Council
Ian Parker - North Somerset Council
Richard Tucker - North Somerset Council
Gary Bell - North Tyneside Council
Linda Bell - North Tyneside Council
Ray Glindon - North Tyneside Council
Carl Johnson - North Tyneside Council
Anamul Haque - Northampton City Council
Grant Davey - Leader Northumberland County Council
Allan Hepple - Cabinet Member Northumberland County Council
Ken Parry - Northumberland County Council
Bernard Pidcock - Northumberland County Council
Elisabeth Simpson - Northumberland County Council
Graham Chapman - Deputy Leader Nottingham City Council
Josh Cook - Nottingham City Council
Zahid Chauhan  - Oldham Council
Shaid Mushtaq  - Oldham Council
Tony Larkin - Oldham Council
Vita Price - Oldham Council
Shadab Qumer  - Oldham Council
Mark Cherry - Oxfordshire County Council
Thomas Tudor - Pembrokeshire Council
Mohammed Iqbal - Pendle Council
Jonny Morris - Plymouth Council
Mike Sparling - Plymouth Council
Bill Stevens - Plymouth Council
Ian Tuffin - Plymouth Council
Brian Vincent - Plymouth Council
Aiden Gray - Deputy Labour Group Leader Portsmouth Council
Peter Rankin - Leader Preston City Council
Peter Kelly - Preston City Council
Brian Rollo - Preston City Council
Mark Yates - Preston City Council
Matt Rodda - Reading
Paul Gittings - Reading Council
Brenda Forster - Redcar and Cleveland
Mushtaq Ahmed - Redbridge Council
Robert Bevan - Rhondda Cynon Taff Council
Christina Leyshon - Rhondda Cynon Taff Council
Keiron Montague - Deputy Leader Rhondda Cynon Taff Council
Anfdrew Morgan - Leader Rhondda Cynon Taff Council
Jacqui Beswick - Rochdale Council
Alan McCarthy - Armed Forces Lead Member Rochdale Council
Liam O'Rourke - Rochdale Council
Billy Sheerin - Rochdale Council
Dominic Beck  - Rotherham Council
Darren Hughes - Rotherham Council
Jon Rosling - Rotherham Council
Gerald Smith - Rotherham Council
Mehboob Khan - Royal Borough of Greenwich
Chris Lloyd - Royal Borough of Greenwich
Gary Parker - Royal Borough of Greenwich
David Stanley - Royal Borough of Greenwich
Steve Birkett - Rugby Council
Sue Dibble - Rushmoor Borough Council
Keith Dibble - Rushmoor Borough Council
Clive Grattan - Rushmoor Borough Council
Barry Jones - Deputy Labour Group Leader Rushmoor Borough Council
Jeremy Preece - Rushmoor Borough Council
Les Taylor  - Rushmoor Borough Council
Sammi Bellamy - Salford Council
Neil Blower - Salford Council
Sareda Dirir - Salford Council
Steve Hesling - Salford Council
Christine Hudson - Salford Council
Jimmy Hunt - Salford Council
Roger Jones - Salford Council
Tracey Kelly - Salford Council
Jim King - Salford Council
Ray Mashiter - Salford Council
Gena Merrett - Assistant Mayor Salford Council
John Merry - Assistant Mayor Salford Council
Sue Pugh - Salford Council
Brendan Ryan - Salford Council
Pat Ryan - Salford Council
Peter Wheeler - Salford Council
Michael Wheeler - Salford Council
Paul Wilson - Salford Council
Ronnie Wilson - Salford Council
David Hosell - Sandwell Council
Geoffrey Lewis - Sandwell Council
Bill Cherrington - Sandwell Council
Veronica Bennett - Sefton Council
Robert Brennan - Sefton Council
Les Byrom - Sefton Council
Paul Cummins - Sefton Council
Andy Dams - Sefton Council
Jan Grace - Sefton Council
Trish Hardy - Cabinet member Sefton Council
John Kelly - Cabinet member Sefton Council
Nina Killen - Sefton Council
Ian Maher - Leader Sefton Council
LIan Moncur - Cabinet member Sefton Council
Ian Moncur - Cabinet member Sefton Council
Ben Curran - Cabinet member Sheffield City Council
Gill Furniss - Sheffield City Council
Ibrar Hussain - Sheffield City Council
Talib Hussain  - Sheffield City Council
Bob Johnson - Sheffield City Council
Alan Law - Sheffield City Council
Mary Lea - Cabinet member Sheffield City Council
George Lindars-Hammond - Sheffield City Council
Bryan Lodge - Sheffield City Council
Anne Murphy - Sheffield City Council
Peter Price - Sheffield City Council
Ray Satur - Sheffield City Council
Ian Saunders - Sheffield City Council
Garry Weatherall - Sheffield City Council
Joyce Wright - Sheffield City Council
Claire Jeffrey - Shepway Council
Zaffar Ajaib - Slough Council
Preston Brooker - Slough Council
Mohammed Sharif - Slough Council
Michael Bell - South Gloucestershire Council
Adam Monk  - South Gloucestershire Council
Shirley Potts  - South Gloucestershire Council
Ian Scott - South Gloucestershire Council
Alex Donaldson - South Tyneside Council
Adam Ellison - South Tyneside Council
Wilf Flynn - South Tyneside Council
Eileen Leask - South Tyneside Council
Audrey Huntley - South Tyneside Council
John Mccabe - South Tyneside Council
Olive Punchion - South Tyneside Council
Ken Stephenson - South Tyneside Council
Joyce Welsh - South Tyneside Council
John Wood - South Tyneside Council
Mike Denness - Southampton City Council
Chris Hammond - Cabinet member Southampton City Council
Dan Jeffrey - Deputy Leader Southampton City Council
Satvir Kaur - Cabinet member Southampton City Council
Simon Letts - Leader Southampton City Council
Paul Lewzey - Southampton City Council
Sharon Mintoff - Southampton City Council
Jacqui Rayment - Southampton City Council
Dave Shields - Cabinet member Southampton City Council
Cheryl Nevin - Southend on Sea Council
Sunny Lambe - Southwark Council
Jeanette Banks - Cabinet Member St Helens Council
Dave Banks - St Helens Council
Andy Bowden - Deputy Labour Group Leader St Helens Council
Alan Cunliffe - St Helens Council
Jeff Fletcher - St Helens Council
Linda Maloney - St Helens Council
Charlie Preston - St Helens Council
Lisa Preston - St Helens Council
Keith Roberts - St Helens Council
Jackie Loveridge - Stirchley and Brookside Parish Council
Christine Simpson - Stirling Council
Walter Brett - Stockport Council
Alex Ganotis - Stockport Council
David Sedgwick - Stockport Council
Norma Stephenson OBE - Stockton Council
Andrew Verdeille - Stockport Council
Robert Cook - Leader Stockton On Tees Council
Evaline Cunningham - Stockton On Tees Council
Mick Stoker - Stockton on Tees Council
Gary Powell - Stroud District Council
Steve Robinson - Stroud District Council
Sandy Martin - Labour Group Leader Suffolk County Council
Stephen Foster - Sunderland City Council
Peter Gibson - Sunderland City Council
Michael Mordey - Sunderland City Council
Paul Watson - Leader Sunderland City Council
Mark Child - Cabinet member Swansea Council
Ann Cook - Swansea Council
Beverley Hopkins - Swansea Council
Gloria Tanner - Swansea Council
Ceinwen Thomas - Swansea Council
Penny Matthews - Swansea Council
Teresa Page - Swindon Borough Council
Maria Bailey - Tameside Council
Kevin Guy - Telford & Wrekin Council
Richard Overton - Deputy Leader Telford & Wrekin Council
Garry Calver - Tendring District Council
Maria Fowler - Tendring District Council
Jo Henderson - Tendring District Council
Anthony Hunt - Deputy Leader Torfaen Council
Alan S. Jones - Torfaen Council
Amina Ali - Tower Hamlets Council
Steve Adshead - Trafford Council
Jo Harding - Trafford Council
Bronwen Brooks - Vale of Glamorgan Council
Janet Holmes - Wakefield Council
Sean Coughlan - Labour Group Leader Walsall Council
Fred Westley - Walsall Council
Nadeem Ali - Waltham Forest Council
Liaquat Ali MBE - Cabinet member Waltham Forest Council
Raja Anwar - Waltham Forest Council
Mohammed Asgar - Waltham Forest Council
Naheed Asgar - Waltham Forest Council
Clare Coghill - Waltham Forest Council
Khevyn Limbajee - Cabinet member Waltham Forest Council
Chris Robbins - Leader Waltham Forest Council
Mark Rusling - Cabinet member Waltham Forest Council
Alistair Strathern - Waltham Forest Council
Jeremy Ambache - Wandsworth Council
Sharon Waldron - Waltham Forest Council
Bill Brinksman - Warrington Council
Judith Guthrie - Warrington Council
Balvinder Gill - Warkwick District Council
Ian Moran - Leader West Lancashire Council
Noel Delaney - West Lancashire Council
Chris Wynn - West Lancashire Council
Gareth Dowling - West Lancashire Council
Kev Wilkie - West Lancashire Council
Maureen Nixon - West Lancashire Council
Jenny Patterson  - Cabinet member West Lancashire Council
Liz Savage - West Lancashire Council
Geoff Saul - Deputy Labour Group Leader West Oxfordshire Council
Catherine Gibbons-Antonopoulos - Labour Group Leader Weston super Mare Town Council
Penny McCartney - Weymouth and Portland Borough Council
Gareth Rockingham - Weymouth and Portland Borough Council
Kevin Anderson - Cabinet member Wigan Council
Richard Barber - Wigan Council
James Churton - Wigan Council
Ron Conway - Wigan Council
Keith Cunliffe - Wigan Council
Stephen Dawber - Wigan Council
Terry Halliwell - Cabinet member Wigan Council
John Hilton - Wigan Council
Stuart Keane - Wigan Council
Phil Kelly - Wigan Council
Paul Kenny - Cabinet member Wigan Council
Susan Loudon - Wigan Council
Joanne Marshall - Wigan Council
David Molyneux - Cabinet member Wigan Council
Stephen Murphy - Wigan Council
Jo Platt - Cabinet member Wigan Council
Chris Ready - Wigan Council
Christine Roberts - Wigan Council
Billy Rotherham - Wigan Council
Janice Sharratt - Wigan Council
Lord Peter Smith - Leader Wigan Council
Pamela Stewart - Wigan Council
Keir Stitt - Wigan Council
Carl Sweeney - Wigan Council
Barry Taylor - Wigan Council
Anita Thorpe - Wigan Council
Phil Davies - Leader Wirral Council
Brian Kenny - Wirral Council
John Salter - Wirral Council
George Davis - Wirral Council
Bishan Dass - Wolverhampton Council
Daniel Warren - Wolverhampton Council
Andrew Lawson - Workington Town Council
Graham Rogers - Wrexham Council